About Me


Why you are here is beyond me, but if you’ve come this far, I guess you want to know who I am. My name is Kyle L. Sandstrom. I am 16 years old. I live in the USA, more specifically I live in Tacoma Washington. My interests are mostly music. I listen to pretty much everything. My favorites are; Classic rock, or any 60’s rock, blues, jazz, celtic, folk, new wave, old R&B, progressive rock, classical, big band, the list goes on. My VERY favorite bands/artists are; Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, and David Bowie. I write my own music. It has sort of a blues/folk sound. I play guitar. That takes up most of my time and is the title of my passion. I also play; piano, bass, drums, bamboo flute, and I love playing synths when ever I get a chance. If you couldn’t already guess, I love music. Other things I like to do in my spare time, hmmmm, I like to write poetry, which usually ends up becoming my songs. I like to read. Stephen King is a favorite. I also read poetry. I like William Blake, Robert Frost, and Shakespere to name a few. Well, that about sums up my boring life. Thanks for caring.