A Momentary Lapse Of Reason


A Momentary Lapse Of Reason was the first album without Waters on it. Under David’s lead the band took a healthy turn into modern progressive rock and it worked beautifully. The album starts out with a gothic tune called Signs Of Life. This song is really cool, David plays an awesome lead in this with some really good clean stereo effects. The next song, Learning To Fly, is one of the best songs David has ever wrote, not to mention songs under the Pink Floyd name. Its beautiful. Gilmour really worked wonders with lyrics. The song was very even and well mixed, which I feel is very important. The next song, Dogs Of War, is probably my least favorite Floyd song. I don’t know why, I just didn’t get into it. I will give credit to the lyrics though, they were pretty raw. One Slip was a very cool tune. Very nice percussion. Slow starting, but when it gets going it really pulls you in. I know its getting monotonous, but David’s lyrics are superb. On The Turning Away was truly David’s best work and my favorite song on the album. This was an extremely beautiful song. It was such an inspiring tune. It seems that even those that cant get into Floyd’s work can still appreciate this song. Yet Another Movie, I had a hard time understanding this song, but never the less, the music was great. Again, very soft, and a little gothic as far as the vocals are concerned. A New Machine part 1 was great. Its almost like David’s version of Not Now John, even though it WAS mellow. The vocal effects on this really blew me away. Terminal Frost was an odd tune. I really dug Wrights synth on this one. A New Machine part 2 was pretty much the same as the first and the feelings are the same. If anyone knows what that vocal effect he is using is, mail me. The last song, Sorrow, had, in my opinion, one of David’s best solos. This was one of my favorites on the album. The percussion was pretty cool. This album was one of the best, mixing wise, that Floyd has ever done. One thing that I’ve liked about post- Waters Floyd is the mixing process. It seems like a lot more time was put into making it perfect.

  1. Signs Of Life; A
  2. Learning To Fly; A+
  3. The Dogs Of War; D
  4. One Slip; A
  5. On The Turning Away; A++
  6. Yet Another Movie; B+
  7. 6a. Round And Around; B
  8. A New Machine Part 1; A
  9. Terminal Frost; B
  10. A New Machine Part 2: A
  11. Sorrow; A-