The Beginning of Beatledom

Image 1- One of the many photo shoots to follow.

Image 2- George with his guitar in Hamburg.

Image 3- George again...

Image 4- A goofy fab-four.

Image 5- John lighting up...

Image 6- John with glasses.

Image 7- The three without Ringo.

Image 8- Likely reading an article about themselves.

Image 9- Paul with bass in Hamburg.

Image 10- A really nice picture of Paul.

Image 11- Paul and George recording.

Image 12- Ringo and George looking like they've had a little too much to drink.

Image 13- A smiley four.

Image 14- The Beatles performing.

Image 15- One of my very favorites, The Beatles swimming.

Image 16- The very, very first Beatles.

Image 17- Still without Ringo.

Image 18- Smiles all around.

Image 19- Leather suits and a James Dean haircut.

Image 20- The Beatles at a Christmas show.