The Division Bell



The Division Bell was the second to the last album Pink Floyd has done, the last one being Pulse(so far). The album starts out with Cluster One. The thing I like about this song, among all the songs Floyd has done since the leave of their main contributer Waters, is that all equally contributed. You can hear each of their unique styles in Cluster One. What Do You Want From Me is something you’d expect from later Floyd. Although it’s a little too similar to other songs in one of the previous albums(A Momentary Lapse Of Reason), I did like it. The next song, Poles Apart, I really liked. Its almost celtic sounding, as Learning To Fly was in AMLoR. Marooned, David really took over in this one, a very progresive jazz sound. A Great Day For Freedom is one of my favorite songs on the album. The next song is Take It Back, it sarts out sounding like a U2 song. I really dig the percussion on this song. Its one of those songs that makes you feel like being productive, although the lyrics to this song don’t really support that theory. Coming Back To Life is my favorite song on this album. You really start to see how Floyd’s music has evolved in these songs. Its another one of those songs that motivates you to do something, only this time the lyrics do support that theory. Keep Talking kind of goes back to the roots off Pink Floyd and mixes in that new sound. High Hopes has that celtic sound to it that I mentioned earlier. I really like it when Floyd’s song tell the specific story. All in all, this album was pretty cool. I left out one or two songs to keep the review from gettingtoo long. I think theres a lot to be said about Pink Floyd after Roger left, there sound changed, they lost a few fans, and gained some. I like their older stuff better mostly. But I do really like their newer stuff also. It sounds almost like contemparary jazz, only a little more sophisticated.