When They Were Stars

Image 1- Looking out car window.

Image 2- Getting off a plane.

Image 3- The Beatles tourists!?

Image 4- The Beatles at Ed Sullivan.

Image 5- The fab-four on a diving board.

Image 6- The Beatles with Ali.

Image 7- Ringo in Miami.

Image 8- A really nice picture of George and his guitar.

Image 9- John at press conference.

Image 10- A very nice picture of John.

Image 11- The Beatles performing.

Image 12- Paul and John.

Image 13- Paul with a smoke, great picture.

Image 14- Richard Starkey (Ringo) with his beautiful wife, Maureen

Image 15- A very good picture from the second Anthology.

Image 16- John with a camera.

Image 17- The Worlds Best.

Image 18- John and Yoko, very nice picture.

Image 19- The four with beer steins.

Image 20- George and John.

Image 21- The boys having lunch in the studio.

Image 22- John and Paul outside.

Image 23- Playin' around.

Image 24- Close up of John.

Image 25- John and George Martin.

Image 26- Linda and Paul.

Image 27- Ringo and his child.

Image 28- Paul and Ringo.

Image 29- Brian Epstiene

Image 30- The Beatles on "The Grass".

Image 31- Oh what a great bunch.

Image 32- One of my favorites of John.

Image 33- Yellow Submarine promo drawing.

Image 34- Kind of a bad picture of John and Paul.

Image 35- Ringo and the Beatle drum.

Image 36- John at a press conference.

Image 37- Your mother should know.

Image 38- Paul waving his smoke.

Image 39- Ringo visiting John on the set of How I Won The War.

Image 40- A great shot of John on How I Won The War.

Image 41- Yoko Ono.

Image 42- George looking off into the distance.

Image 43- The poster from the White Album.

Image 44- John's artistic input.

Image 45- The Maharishi

Image 46- Great pic of Paul and George.

Image 47- A wonderful picture of Paul.

Image 48- Ringo looks pretty pissed, getting closer to Beatle break.

Image 49- Ringo on the run.

Image 50- A scene from John and Yoko's bed-in.

Image 51- My favorite pic of John and Yoko.

Image 52- One hell of a picture, all four.

Image 53- John in winter garb.

Image 54- Imagine....

Image 55- The Ballad of John and Yoko promo pic.

Image 56- A rare pic of Paul on the drums.

Image 57- Okay... I have two favorite pics of John and Yoko.

Image 58- The Beatles sitting on the stairs.

Image 59- John, Ringo, and Paul.

Image 60- Paul McCartney.

Image 61- Ringo still a bit depressed looking.

Image 62- John preparing to do a solo concert.

Image 63- John and Yoko waking to the press.

Image 64- Nice picture of George.

Image 65- War is over promo. GREAT PIC!!!!!!!!! Can you see Clapton?

Image 66- John, people for peace.

Image 67- Clean cut John and Yoko.

Image 68- My favorite picture of Linda and Paul.

Image 69- George looking at peace just hours before The Beatles break up.