The Final Cut



Floyd fans often say there is something missing on this album. That thing that was missing was Richard Wright. This was also the last album that Roger Waters did under the Pink Floyd name. This album is very similar to Water’s solo albums. The album starts out with The Post War Dream. This song has very extreme emotional changes. It’s a very beautiful song. Then it moves into Your Possible Pasts. It begins with a flange guitar and continues with unpredictable changes throughout the song. One Of The Few is kind of a build up tune for the following song The Heroes Return. This song was beautifully done. It goes back to "The Wall" type sound. The Gunners Dream is another soft Water’s song. I like it quite a bit. It has a very nice aura. His fathers war death can be easily interpreted for inspiration for the song. Paranoid Eyes is, in my opinion, one of the best songs on this album. Immediately after hearing it, I figured it out on the piano, VERY beautiful tune. Get Your Filthy Hands Off My Desert, o.k., this is another song with that "The Wall" feel to it, yet very hard to interpret. The Fletcher Memorial Home, is a more modest continuation of the last song. Southampton Dock was more of a story teller than a song, but led the way for the title song The Final Cut. The Final Cut was another beautiful song, very similar to the aura of Mother off of The Wall. Now for my favorite song on the album, Not Now John. Roger really gets intense on this song. He really lashes out here. Finally, the album ends with Two Suns In The Sunset. Roger really takes the album out beautifully, and unlike most albums, you get a real feeling of closure. I’m really going out on a limb giving Roger most of the credit for this album, I’m sure I’ll get a few flames. The reason I say that is because Wright was gone, and Gilmour and Mason were basically session players. The album was written, composed, and produced down to every little detail by Roger Waters.


  1. The Post War Dream; A-
  2. Your Possible Pasts; C+
  3. One Of The Few; C+
  4. The Hero’s Return; B-
  5. The Gunners Dream; B-
  6. Paranoid Eyes; A+
  7. Get Your Filthy Hands Off My Desert; C-
  8. 8. The Fletcher Memorial Home; B
  9. Southampton Dock; B
  10. The Final Cut; A
  11. Not Now John; A+++
  12. Two Suns In The Sunset; A-