This album was a soundtrack that Pink Floyd did for the movie More. Unlike Zabriskie Point, Pink Floyd did the entire album. It starts out with Cirrus Minor, this song was very melon collie. Good use of vocal range, it really pulls you into the song. When the organ comes in alone, its literally entrancing. The Nile Song was pretty heavy, I venture to call it "heavy metal", that’s exactly what it is. It’s a pretty intense song, and there is less holding back instrumentally. You really get an idea of where they were talent wise at the time. Then comes the Crying Song, which was another mellow Floyd tune. Mainly acustic, I really thought this song was easy to follow. So far I have not seen the movie, but I’m sure it is one of those songs that just fits in with the film. Next was the Mason, and Wright tune, an instrumental called Up The Khyber. It almost sounds like something Wright did off of Ummagumma. Another trance-like tune, but as all the rest, an awesome piece. Green Is The Color. This is probably one of my very favorite early tunes. This is a very sweet song. Almost sounds like Van Morrison(then David sings and I forget that ever crossed my mind.). Cymbaline, this song and Green Is The Color are two very beautiful songs. You really get that 60’s acustic feel in these songs, which Floyd rarely touched on, but did a very good job. Next is the Party Sequence. We ALL know what that means. It wasn’t Floyd’s best instrumental, and it only lasts one minute. Main Theme was next. Now this is Floyd’s "trance music" at its very best. This was an awesome, mellow piece. Ibiza Bar sounds a lot like The Nile Song, but still another cool tune, hitting up tat heavy image again, though it was a little more mellow than The Nile Song. Ah…. More Blues, I really dug this song. Once again, I just dig the blues side of Floyd. This song was a nice short little jam, really fun. Next was Quicksilver. This song sounded like an Aliens theme. Not to knock it though, it was an alright tune. I didn’t think it was very even. It seems that the mixing was very out of balance and some tracks were much louder than the other necessary lines. A Spanish Piece. This was a fun little song, made me laugh. Sounds like the Spanish guy in the background whom has had one too many drinks. The last song Dramatic Theme was nice. It kind of goes back to the mode they were in the first two albums, PatGoD, and AsoS. All in all, the album was o.k. I felt it could have been mixed a little better. Maybe some more time should have been spent on it, but I’m sure they had a deadline with the movie.

  1. Cirrus Minor; A
  2. The Nile Song; B+
  3. Crying Song; B
  4. Up The Khyber; B+
  5. Green Is The Colour; A+
  6. Cymbaline; A+
  7. Party Sequence; C
  8. Main Theme; C+
  9. Ibiza Bar; B
  10. More Blues; A
  11. Quicksilver; C+
  12. A Spanish Piece; A-
  13. Dramatic Theme; B