The Wall


This has obviously been their most successful video. It was directed by Alan Parker, and stared Bob Geldof. Although Waters wasn’t pleased with it, I really enjoyed it. It was a big artistic statement and quite a big concept film. I like to call Pink Floyd, as he is in the movie, Floyd’s alter-ego. What I mean by that is that all events and emotions as they are in the movie are experiences of the members of the band, mostly Waters. The story jumps around quite abit. It basically describes Pink as a young boy, going through hardships in dealing with the war death of his father. It also goes into his smothering mother. He was very sick as a child in the movie, although I think there is a deeper meaning as to how it would apply to Waters in his own childhood. It describes his marriage. His whore of a wife sleeping around on him all the time. It describes how the endless touring begins to take its toll on him. The movie starts out with him locked in a hotel room in a trance, slowly going insane. Later it goes into deeper detail, when a girl follows him into his room, trying to talk too him. Here is my favorite part of the movie, Pink goes fucking nuts, scares the shit out of the annoying girl, and tears his room apart," GO TO THE BEDROOM, IN THE SUITCASE ON THE LEFT YOU’LL FIND MY FAVORITE AXE!!!"(Could this have anything to do with Careful With That Axe, Eugene). This part always gets me feeling a little crazy. This is when the movie gets a little strange and the animation comes in. Its fairly easy to interpret the animated sequences, but I very well could be wrong in my interpretation, so I’d rather not post miss-information. Without ruining the end. It concludes with the trial which I thought had an awesome animated sequence. All in all I thought it was a great movie and I am surprised that Roger wasn’t pleased with it.